We rescue water damaged carpets & wet carpet Sydney wide!

Empire Carpet Cleaning provides 24-hour emergency carpet water damage repair service, and support in situations where emergency water extraction and water damage restoration are required. Empire Carpet Cleaning technicians have received training for all emergencies for flood damaged carpet. They will employ methods that maximise results while minimising cost and damage per the standards established by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Some homeowners, property management and property maintenance operators will use their own personnel to carry out water damage restoration to their water damaged carpets to save money. However, every water damage restoration project is a unique situation and there are no hard and fast rules about the category of water quality, the class of damage sustained and the appropriate procedure to implement. Extenuating circumstances mean that deviation from IICRC S-500 standards may be appropriate. Those without the appropriate knowledge and skills to make this determination can lead to a carelessly completed project that costs you even more to rectify- mistakes that a cleaner certified in carpet water damage repair can easily avoid.

We deploy specialized extraction equipment to drain off as much excess water as possible and use nontoxic chemicals clean and sanitize as necessary. The entire process is constantly monitored and supervised. We provide daily progress reports to our customer, and insurance professionals, ensuring the satisfaction of all concerned parties.

It does not matter what the IICRC’s S-500 Standards say about the water quality (clean, slightly unsanitary and grossly unsanitary), or evaporation rates (normal, fast, fastest or specialist) or the level of water damage damage sustained (minor/slight to complete saturation requiring specialization).

We offer prompt wet carpet cleaning and emergency water extraction Sydney wide, including:

  • A removal of all salvageable content from the affected area including personal belongings and property to a safe, secure and dry location. Dehumidifiers are available upon request to minimize damage to any electronic or technical equipment that successfully salvaged or recovered from the affected area.
  • An extraction of approximately 75% of the contaminating water with state of the art portable truck mounted vacuums.
  • Continuous monitoring of the site, daily reports and constant communication between ourselves, our customers and any assigned insurance professionals
  • Wet Carpets are carefully rinsed and cleaned with our anti bacterial wash to kill germs and bacteria and eliminate mould and dust mites
  • After this, an anti browning formula is applied to the carpet which prevents your carpet turning brown with time
  • Also, the carpet area is deoderised and sanitised with a fresh and long lasting fragrance, to prevent any bad odours in your carpet
  • The air movers are used to deliver a high volume of airflow over and under surfaces to speed up the drying process
  • Dehumidifiers are provided on request to ensure that there is no damage caused to technical equipment, such as computers
  • Once the structure is completely dry, we clean your wet carpets using the steam cleaning process
  • Only upon confirmation that the temperature, moisture and humidity levels meet the industry standards of acceptable and safe, will the water damage restoration process be complete.

Call 1300 726 302 for our 24 Hour Emergency Water Extraction and Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning Service and let us take care of the mess, our qualified staff will get your home or office cleaned and safe for you.