Upholstery cleaning in Sydney by Empire Carpet Cleaning

Part of customising a house or apartment in to a home, or an office or workstation into a comfortable place to work, includes the investments that you make in the furniture. The care of those soft fixtures and furnishings is a step towards protecting those investments in either location. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certifies that all Empire Carpet Cleaning technicians have received training and are qualified to care for all types of upholstered furniture fabrics giving you quality upholstery cleaning. From the most robust to the most delicate, your upholstered furniture is in the best of hands, to receive the best care possible using the correct upholstery cleaning solutions for your furniture.

The most common sources of dirt are dust, pet fur and dander, human skin and sweat, and food and beverage stains. Cleaning these soils or stains may seem like an easy enough task but the greatest threat to any furniture are too much moisture, and the application of the inappropriate cleaning solution that are too acidic, too alkaline, or simply not designed for use with upholstered furniture.

Empire Carpet Cleaning makes use of an exclusive upholstery cleaning system that includes specially formulated pH balanced fiber rinse that removes not only deeply embedded dirt and stains from the fabric fibers but also cleaning solution residue, leaving nothing but clean, deodorised and fresh smelling upholstered furniture. We are the experts in upholstery cleaning, with the knowledge and resources to get the most brilliant possible result on all types of fabric.

Although an optional service feature, we recommend applying Scotchguard™ to recently cleaned furniture to help restore the protective properties of your furniture, making it easier to care for, thereby extending its life as a part of your home. Furthermore, we also recommend applying deodorisers to remove any tough long last odors leaving the furniture smelling good again.

The most comprehensive upholstery cleaning Sydney wide – Our service includes:

  • An inspection of the upholstery to identify problem areas for targeted cleaning treatment
  • A pre-vacuuming of the upholstery to remove surface dust and soil with the appropriately powered vacuum cleaner and crevice tool to reach all those corners and crannies
  • General pre-spraying to loosen embedded dirt and targeted application of upholstery cleaning agents to identify stains
  • Rinsing of upholstery with as little moisture as possible to remove dirt and cleaning solution without compromising the fabric
  • Application of Scotchguard™ to extend the life of your furniture (optional)
  • Deodorising agents that produce long last fresh scents (optional) will help to remove any tough odors such as cat urine, vomit and sour mil
  • Post inspection to ensure that the upholstery has been cleaned and dried to ensure customer satisfaction with the our service

Furniture is a part of what makes a place in to a home, for those living alone, or for a family. It also converts an office or workstation in to a more comfortable place to work. Upholstered furniture can last for quite a long time, but proper care including regular and routine upholstery cleaning will help extend the life of the furniture itself, but clean, stain free and fresh smelling upholstered furniture can be what makes home a place to be truly cherished.