Leather Cleaning

Is your leather looking past its best and lost is texture and feel?

Look no further than our professional leather cleaning services. Grease and oils can bond with the surface of the leather, filling the grain and dulling the colour. As leather items can be very expensive you should protect your investment by having it thoroughly and professionally cleaned.

At Empire our qualified and competent technicians have undergone extensive leather cleaning courses and training, to guarantee optimum results to your valuable leather lounges.

  • We professionally clean all sections of your leather lounges
  • We condition and moisturise the leather
  • We seal the leather with the highest quality leather protector

Our products ensure that your leather lounges receive the ultimate and highest quality treatments available.

Do you wish your living room to look elegant? We are always ready to turn your wish into reality. And this reality is abetted by our proficiency in the area we delve into. Knowing that the appearance of the sofas is what forms an impression in the minds of the entrants, it becomes more than a duty to bring upon the best steps to ensure proper handling of the sofas. If your sofa is made up of leather, you need not worry regarding the upgradation. The leather sofa would be looked after and cleaned in such a way that the quality of the leather remains for a long period of time.

Leather sofa cleaning Sydney contributes the skill of cleaning the sofa by using a dry cloth and vacuuming every corner of the sofa. It is made sure that excessive amounts of water and soap is not applied on leather as they can damage the leather easily. Soap and water speeds up the leather’s ability to break apart. We make sure that stains are cleaned by mild usage of ammonia so that the mess or spot gets cleaned easily. Water that is used is minimal in amount. Our technicians are well versed in not only cleaning the leather but also drying and moisturizing it so that the shine on the leather is not disrupted. We assure high treatment for exceptional products that match high standards in one’s eyes.