Why Workplace Housekeeping must be Practised

Mar 24, 2014    //   

Whether you are in the construction, automotive, or pharmaceutical industry, it is imperative that your business premises are kept organised and clutter-free. Can you imagine what would happen if sharp tools or toxic substances are left lying around? As an employer or contractor, you could be held liable for any accident that would occur in the workplace. For that reason, you must practise good housekeeping. Why is this imperative to you and the rest of the company?

  • To avoid risks and accidents
  • Fires, according to the Workplace Standards Tasmania, “may be started if combustible waste is not regularly removed or if excessive quantities of flammable materials are kept in workshops”. Other mishaps, such as slips and falls, are also caused by materials that obstruct the path or view of the employees. In other words, negligence to keep establishments clean is hazardous for everyone concerned.

  • To provide a safe and healthy environment
  • Because housekeeping also includes doing regular inspection, such as fire prevention, emergency measures, and electrical wiring, you will be guaranteed that your establishment provides a secure place for everyone. What is more, such evaluations would help improve cautionary strategies that you must impose. If you are lacking signs on emergency exits, for example, you will be duly informed after maintenance checks are done.

Most importantly, proper management of the work area will save you a lot of money. If you do not need to pay for hospitalisation or accident claims, then you get to keep all your profit. It also ensures that your reputation remains untarnished if you are not facing any legal claims for negligence. With that said, you should hire professionals to handle all your commercial cleaning needs.