Reasons to Spend Your Holiday in New South Wales

Jul 17, 2014    //   

Of all places in Australia, why New South Wales? Simple, it is the most culturally and geographically diverse territory in the country. It has lots of things to offer to everyone, including:

Heritage Sites

The state is home to six heritage sites. These include the Sydney Opera House, a great 20th-century urban sculpture with unparalleled architectural design and construction; the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia with outstanding geological features and home to rare plant and animal species with great international significance; and the Lord Howe Island Group, known for its spectacular landscape supporting at least 168 bird species and hundreds more variety of flora and fauna.


With a coastline stretching 1,590 km and a grand total of 892 beaches, you're bound to find the perfect sea, sun and sand experience for you. The Byron Bay in the far north-eastern corner of the state, the Merewether Beach in New Castle, the Angourie Beachin Yamba, and the Fingal Bay in Surrounds are just a few.


New South Wales is also a destination for skiers and everyone who loves the outdoors. It is home to many spectacular mountain ranges including the Blue Mountains, the Illawarra escarpment, the Great Dividing Range (the third longest in the world), and the Barrier Range.


There's something to celebrate in the state throughout the year, and the locals do make sure every celebration is grand. A few examples are the Truffle Festival in Canberra which gives you a taste of winter magic, the International Tartan Day celebrated across the country, the Taree Gold Cup Race, the Gourmet in Gundy, the Canberra Latin Dance, the Warwick Rodeo and more.

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